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Keyboard shortcuts


We're ramping up our accessibility features and enhancing the user experience by adding keyboard shortcuts, beginning with the simple yet crucial 'Escape' key function to close modals. More keyboard shortcuts are in the pipeline, such as ones for creating a new task, opening settings, navigating through the task list, and opening selected tasks. This feature doesn't only boost accessibility but is also tailored for those desktop users who prefer keeping their fingers on the keyboard, sparing the use of mouse or trackpad.

In parallel to these user interface enhancements, we're also developing a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for our API. This tool will include a series of keyboard shortcuts to help users create, edit, search, and organize tasks, task lists, templates, and more. Specifically targeted towards terminal users, the CLI tool will offer a speedy and efficient way to manage tasks. Not only does this tool provide practical benefits, it also showcases the versatility of our API. Personally, it's an exciting project as it's the first time I'm delving into the creation of a comprehensive CLI tool.

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